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With 25 years' experience in private homes followed by an 8 year tour in the United States Army NG. He's held a position of national security for the Pope before entering private service. 

These are just some of the roles he's held-

House/estate manager, chauffer, male nanny, companion, assistant, family security, limo driver and handyman in large homes throughout the country including Palm Beach, Santa Ynez, Carpentaria, Boca Raton, Orange County, Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

In the late 80's to early 90's and during his time in the National Guard he learned the plumbing trade, built houses and swimming pools giving him knowledge he later used to supervise extensive home renovations in houses owned by his employer in Palm Beach, Chicago, Boca Raton and Los Angeles. He even built a 75 foot wooden bridge across a running creek at one property outside Chicago for his employer when no contractors were available to do it. Working alongside high ranking officers in a tactical operations center (TOC) as part of his military career, he held vital roles in personal security to top ranking officers. He trained as a mechanic at the U.S. Army Armor School in Ft Knox, KY where he learned to maintain the military's top weapon known as the M1 Abrams Tank and Bradley Fighting Vehicle along with Humvees and generators the size of a sedan. He's efficient in maintaining Prevost Motor Coaches, one of the most luxurious bus conversions available today. He feels right at home around tools and always takes a perfectionist approach whether repairing something or designing a solution to address any problem he encounters. 

He currently possesses a California commercial class A driver's license which requires a biennial DOT physical as well as a California Security Guard license with full federal and state background clearance. He's provided security at the annual Oscars celebration in Hollywood and is currently available to explore opportunities in Los Angeles which would entail a local live-out position in the Platinum Triangle or Hollywood area. 

He's married to a wonderful woman who's retired from the Hollywood entertainment world, he's settled and considers his work to be a priority. He's provided companionship to the elderly who appreciated his southern up-bringing and he's prepared to serve the right employer in the Los Angeles area as a live out member of their domestic staff. 

He's often held roles working with children and is well liked by kids and dogs and considered a real life version of "The Toy" starring Richard Pryor. Kids and dogs are attracted to him like a magnet once he's had a little time around them as he understands how they think and what they like. He has a second voice he's adopted which appeals to young kids and dogs and they're naturally drawn to it. When asked why he thinks they are so attracted to it, he says it's a kid's voice coming from an adult so it makes kids feel as if he's on the same level as them. He further said that there have been attempts by some daddies to try imitating this voice with their little kids but it just doesn't work the same. Dogs like it because dogs are comfortable around children and to a dog, this voice sounds like a kid is talking to them which brings comfort to the dog. 

This candidate is a true asset to anyone who can retain him and is our number one choice in domestic private staffing which is why he's profiled here. 



Candidate No Longer Available